Here at BEACH CITY DESIGN, we pride ourselves on establishing an authentic partnership with our clients. We take the time to appreciate the message/mission of our partners and build state-of-the-art websites that effectively represent their interests; to successfully grow a business, having a strong web-based foundation is critical.

Typically our clients’ sites launch 90 days from the time they partner with us. The initial 30 days are designated to site map approval, content creation/gathering, and analysis of their main competitors. The second 30 days are designated to website design, a process involving plenty of back-and-forth to ensure that our client is 100% satisfied with the appearance of their new website. The final 30 days are designated to programming, testing, and the final launch.

We develop our sites using WordPress, which is a widely used, nonproprietary content management system (CMS); in other words, we’re not delivering a site that only we can maintain. Although most of our clients are law firms, we cater to all types of businesses. From schools to music stores, from cafés to barbershops, we are here to help any business that is interested in creating a highly developed, user-friendly website.

Recent Projects